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Nutritional Therapy practised as Wholistic Nutritional Medicine combines the latest research-based evidence in biochemistry and nutrition with naturopathic principles - the use of foods and cleansing procedures. It is more than 'healthy eating' or 'nutritional advice'. Rather our practitioners aim to help patients move towards healing themselves. It takes into account the complex interactions between the mind and the body, acknowledging the effect of the emotions on the state on health. It is natural medicine because it respects the inherent ability of body cells and tissues to restore their own healthy function given the appropriate tools - the nutrients and environmental conditions - for repair and renewal.

How does it work?
Wholistic Nutritional Medicine acts on the way cells work. When diets are poor or there is prolonged stress, the body is deprived of adequate nutrients. The normal protection systems in the cell under-perform and cells are damaged by toxins and reactive chemicals. The immune system cannot work well in these conditions and we are more likely to suffer health problems. These could be physical or mental since nutritional therapists recognise that the brain is especially dependent on good nutrition. One of the roles of the immune system is to clear away wastes. In chronic illness this does not happen fast enough, so nutrient depleted cells work in a sluggish fashion, toxins accumulate and vitality is lost.

Will the diet be difficult to follow?
The diet and supplements are designed to relieve the burden on inadequate cell working and provide a plentiful supply of the nutrients needed. Some common foods are left out because they may slow cell function, interfere with the absorption of nutrients from the digestive tract or depress the effectiveness of the immune system. Other basic foods are added to correct imbalances.

What Happens During a Consultation?
At the initial consultation which usually lasts 60 - 90 minutes the practitioner will go through your personal and family medical history, diet and lifestyle. They will be looking for clues in the detail of illnesses as to what has happened in your lifetime. The practitioner will usually give you their initial thoughts on what you need and discuss the kinds of dietary and lifestyle changes appropriate for you.

How the practitioner works on your case
After the consultation the practitioner will usually make a detailed analysis of all the information you have supplied to tease out the family or inherited factors in your case and map the ability of your body to handle toxins and fight infection. Other factors that are explored are most affected body systems such as digestion or liver, vitamin and mineral imbalances and the way your body handles fats, sugar, salt (sodium) and calcium. While the symptoms which you bring to the consultation are thoroughly considered the aim in putting together a prescription is to address the underlying causes of your health problems.

The time spent on your behalf by WNMS practitioners in the analysis of your case and preparation of the prescription may amount to four to six hours including the initial consultation time before you receive your first prescription. The extra effort on analysis allows individually determined root causes of ill health to be identified and addressed through the prescription. Analysis of the changes you report to your nutritional therapist at follow up appointments allows support using diet, supplements and lifestyle measures to be directed where it is most needed to achieve the changes you desire.

What help will you get with the program?
A few days after the consultation you will get a written prescription including a dietary plan and usually also supplement recommendations. The types and quantities of foods and the levels at which supplements are recommended are used to tailor therapy not only to your health condition but also to what is achievable for your lifestyle. Practitioners may also supply hints and suggestions for getting started on the prescription, snack and meal ideas, recipes, stockist information and recipe book recommendations. Telephone or email support is usually included to help you follow the program.

Straight forward conditions may respond very quickly in a matter of weeks although an initial consultation and several follow up appointments is more usual. Many people would expect to see a significant difference by the first follow-up appointment. At each consultation the program is usually adjusted according to the progress you have made. If you have had a chronic condition over many years then you may need a longer treatment program. Some conditions also require more frequent appointments.